Other Power (tariki)

Other Power is a major category in Japanese Pure Land Buddhism. Below are some definitions of it

“Other Power is the working of great compassion that gives itself completely to each form of life. It is beyond the ordinary comprehension of the small-minded, entangled with all kinds of false discriminations. Other Power should not be regarded as an object within the conventional subject-object framework. It operates at the very foundation of life, nullifying all our dualistic calculations.”

Taitetsu Unno, River of Fire, River of Water (1998)

“Tariki is the recognition of the great, all-encompassing power of the Other – in this case, the Buddha and his ability to enlighten us – and the simultaneous recognition of the individual’s utter powerlessness in the face of the realities of the human condition.”

Hiroyuki Itsuki, Tariki (2001)


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